Earthquake Emergency Shut off Valves – getting the Bay Area Earthquake Ready!

Earthquake ready, is there such as thing?, It’s easy to have a checklist to follow when getting ready for a birthday party or a wedding, could preparing for an earthquake be just as simple?.

When preparing for a future event, there’s a date and time scheduled, we know the steps we must take in order to complete the tasks required to achieve a perfect event. An Earthquake on the other hand is one of those dateless events; it is the unknown that we fear the most. Many Bay Area earthquake survivors interviewed after the dust had settled immediately began by listing the things they could’ve done differently to prevent the big fire they had in their home or their house getting flooded long after the aftershocks stopped raddling the San Francisco Bay.

I don’t think anyone could ever be completely ready for any natural disaster, but I think many of us find comfort in knowing that we have done everything we can in our power to protect our home and our families including our children and pets. There are many online resources that provide useful information on items we need to have available “emergency kit” in case of an earthquake or natural disaster. Any person living in California, specifically the Bay Area is sure to have packed their garage or home with all these essential emergency items. Unfortunately while we are spending the majority of our time and energy shopping for all these emergency items and storing them in our home, we do not take the time to think about protecting the one thing protecting our emergency supplies, our home!

Many injuries and deaths sustained during an earthquake are due to objects falling, flooding, fire and even explosion. While we are working our way down the earthquake ready check off list, it might behoove us to consider emergency shut off valves for the plumbing in our home. Earthquake gas shut off valves are considered smart censors during an earthquake. The emergency shut off valve can sense and measure the intensity of an earthquake and shut off the gas to the home when it reads 5.4 or higher at the location of the shut-off valve. A small preventive measure we can take that will save any residential or commercial structure from an unnecessary fire or explosion.

Earthquake shut off valve prices vary; an earthquake gas shut off valve installation must be done by a professional to insure accuracy and functionality. Bay Area plumbing companies have been quite busy installing emergency shut off valves in San Francisco homes and throughout the Bay Area since the last earthquake was felt in the 90’s. The owner of Express Plumbing in San Mateo CA serving the entire Bay Area since 1987 and began as a San Francisco plumber and San Jose plumber at a young age explained the urgency and importance of installing these emergency shut off valves, “When we live in the Bay Area, the question isn’t “if” but “when” the next earthquake hits, we must be prepared now”.

This emergency plumbing company in San Mateo does a very good job in educating the public about proper prevention. So maybe it’s time for all of us to take a closer look at protecting the home we are in which will intern protect us and our family.


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