Bay Area Drilling – One Bay Area Contractor uses advanced technology to minimize traffic

As most agree, road construction can’t get any more annoying, when it comes to installing or replacing pipes, there is nothing more frustrating then having to call on a service that is going to create more of a road block.

Although this tends to happen often, it is neither good for the businesses or city which is allocating the pipe project, nor for the resident that will have to sit in traffic or take detours. When choosing a plumbing service to install new pipes or replace existing pipes, it is wise to choose one that will not only serve everyday clients for mundane plumbing tasks but will also serve the community by implementing new technology for the greater purpose.

The Bay Area is famous for proper planning when it comes to new pipe installations or pipe repairs.  They rely on a Bay Area plumbing professional to provide service.  Bay Area pipe tapping or new pipe layouts take a lot of propper planning to insure the least amount of disruption to the surrounding areas, municipal projects in the Bay Area are often and well planned.

Express Plumbing, a plumbing and general contractor in San Mateo CA is one of those companies that is relied upon to insure projects are properly planned and carried out in the most efficient and least disruptive to the public.  This Bay Area licensed contractor is proud to offer underground piping services using Directional Drilling and Horizontal Boring. This technique uses “drilling technology to bore a small hole from one location to the next. Once the drill rod comes to the end of the bore the new pipe is attached and pulled back eliminating open excavation.” This technique is used often for installing pipelines in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area cities (under roads, lakes, railroads, ponds, etc.) without causing major disruption.

This advanced technique also helps eliminate traffic congestion, provides deeper and longer piping, directional capabilities and is way better for the environment! Express plumbing believes that being a trusted part of the community is key and therefore offers their services for any kind of plumbing project and emergency. This Bay Area plumbing company also offers residential plumbing services in the Bay Area and 24 hour emergency plumbing services for both commercial plumbing and residential plumbing in the Bay Area.


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