Hot Tapping?, no we’re not talking about a hot summer day where everyone goes out, blasts the music and starts to tap dance.  It’s always exciting to find out a little more about something new.  Imagine a pipeline flowing with liquid and suddently you need to make a bigger extension or connect another pipe to it, how does that connection actually take place without disrupting the flow inside the pipeline.  This is when hot tapping comes in, pretty hot right?.

In order to find out a little more about this, a leading hot tapping company in the Bay Area was asked to shed some light on the hot tapping services provided by their experienced staff in order to understand the process and what is involved in hot tapping in more detail.

Hot tap was simply explained as an efficient method that allows a new connection to be made to existing piping or pressure vessels without any interruption or the need to empty the section of pipe or vessel.  This allows the operations to continue without any disruption while installation or maintenance is being performed on the pipe or vessel.


It is important to rely on a company that is licensed, experienced and most importantly equipped to perform the hot tapping process with the least amount of disruption and in the most efficient matter possible.  In Northern California, the Bay Area to be exact, many old pipes and pressure vessels are continuously in need of maintenance, repairs or installation.  One Bay Area hot tapping company explained the urgency of hot tapping requests and the planning involved before the project can begin.

Many of the pipes requiring service provide an entire city with service, not being able to perform the pipe maintenance or pipe installation in a timely manner can disrupt service to thousands of residents and businesses.  This Bay Area company providing hot tap services has a wonderful hot tap animation video that can visually aid in the understanding of what hot tapping is and help you to understand the hot tap definition further.


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