Proper Planning Pipe or Re-Pipe projects reduces Bay Area Congestion thanks to a Bay Area drilling company

As thought road construction can’t get any more annoying, when it comes to installing pipelines, there is nothing more frustrating then having to call on a service that is going to create more of a road block.  Although this tends to happen often, it is neither good for the business or city, which is allocating the piping, nor for the resident that will have to sit in traffic or take detours.

When choosing a pipe installer or plumbing company, it is wise to choose one that will not only serve everyday clients for mundane plumbing tasks but will also serve the community by implementing new technology for the greater purpose.  This not only reflects the quality of their services but also the mission which stands behind the business.

Using advanced drilling methods such as directional drilling and horizontal boring which uses “drilling equipment to bore a small hole from one location to the next. Once the drill rod comes to the end of the bore the new pipe is attached and pulled back eliminating open excavation, thus eliminating the hassles of road construction that causes extreme damage to the area and extreme delays for surrounding areas.

This technique can be used for installing pipelines in any area (under roads, lakes, railroads, ponds, etc.) without causing major disruption.  Directional drilling also helps eliminate traffic congestion, provides deeper and longer piping, directional capabilities and is way better for our beautiful green environment!

One Bay Area drilling company understands the frustrations of the congested Bay Area community and believes that congested roads create frustrations, accidents and unwelcomed delays.  As a community member they urge all Bay Area contractors to follow in their footsteps.  By providing highly advanced equipment, trained personnel and proper planning for all their municipal plumbing or municipal drilling services, they insure the Bay Area community continues to function in harmony during any of their municipal drilling projects.

Nick Bechwati, the owner of Express Plumbing shares with us the five “P” rule he follows:  “Proper planning prevents poor performing pipes”.


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