Video Camera inspection saves the Bay area from emergency plumbing problems

Summertime is almost here and most of us are doing some spring-cleaning and maybe even planning a few household renovations. During the colder months, with rain and sludge, many of us hold off on doing restoration work. Statistically most homeowners decide to repair their homes during the warmer months of spring and summer.

This year, in addition to building that new deck or painting the garage door, it is a good idea to call upon your local plumber. During these months we tend to use more water for showering, air conditioning to stay cool and sprinklers to keep our garden vibrant. A well favored Bay Area plumber recommends that all of these things be checked before you get into the unexpected heat waves and left with a plumbing emergency.

It is important to make sure that your air-conditioning does not have any leaks that may damage walls or flooring.  Check your pipes for leaks as they may have been damaged from the cold during winter months, this is especially important in colder areas such as the Bay Area. If you have an external sprinkler system set up to water the plants that grow above your fence, have your plumber check that they are not leaking access water and your timer is working properly.

One Bay Area plumbing company, Express Plumbing in San Mateo, CA treats their clients as a priority and guaranties the safety of all plumbing needs. They are happy to come out and thoroughly inspect your home for any problems you may be faced with during the summer season. This advanced Bay Area plumber in san mateo CA offers the latest in technology to insure all inspections are done in a timely manner to the highest quality standards.  Relying on video camera inspections to detect leaks allows an experienced plumber to analyze and elaborate on anything that may need to be changed and fixed long before it becomes an emergency plumbing problem.


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