Detecting a leak at the source requires advanced leak detection

Some would call it torture, a constant disturbance that can keep you up all night, nails on a chalkboard type deal. No it is not the car alarm or the neighbors barking dog. A leaky water faucet can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. When that pesky faucet drips and leaks, it leaves you no choice but to go on a rampage searching for the wrench or yelling at your husband to fix the annoyance. The good news about a leaking faucet is that it is noticeable, we see it, hear it and know to get it fixed.

However, sometimes leaks happen in places that are not so noticeable. This problem can persist for months and even years, causing the pipe to give out and rupture, cause rotting and mold, damage house structures and many other issues. Most of us don’t think about detecting water leaks until it is too late, this is where plumbing services come in.  Our expert plumbing services in San Mateo includes specializing in accurate leak detection. Not only are leaks dangerous to the well being of your home or business but leaks also result in water loss. This can add up to considerable yearly and monthly overages that none of us would want to pay.

Undetected water leaks can occur in numerous locations, the most common being walls, basements, under concrete, areas prone to root intrusions as well as radiant heating systems.  A  plumbing video camera inspection allows us to get into those places and track the leak at the source.

This can be especially important if you are considering selling your home. A leaky pipe can cause a slue for problems for new owners, especially if it has caused damage to the foundation of the home. It’s important to research and rely on choosing a service that will accurately detect the leak, the plumber should also be will equipped to fix a leak in a timely and professional manner.


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