Bay Area plumbing emergencies prevented by a proactive approach

Does it sometimes feel as if the saying “when it rains, it pours” is all too true? Unfortunately for us living busy lives means that constant headaches are inevitable. From car repairs to doctor bills,  life seems to always throw little surprises our way. Although we can’t always prevent those pesky problems, this year there are a few things we can do for our homes to save ourselves some money and stay on top of those headaches.

Most of us only think of calling the plumber when we have a clog or a pipe leak. On average, this could be anywhere between 1-3 years. However being proactive and getting a full pipe inspection, you can rest assured accidents will be prevented and mending costs stay low.

Our homes are full of details that plumbing services can take care of. These include air conditioning, water and gas pipes, water pressure inspection, water heaters, thermal expansion tanks and much more. Not only can a trusted plumbing company help make sure these repairs are up to date, they can also advise on specific add-ons that our home may need in case of a plumbing emergency.

One favored San Mateo plumber shared with us that the Bay Area is known for harboring dangerous and unpredictable earthquake faults. However, most homes are not equipped with emergency shut-off valves. Such valves automatically detect the intensity of an earthquake. If it is 5.4 or higher, the valves shut off gas pipelines. This can help prevent dangerous pipe leaks and even explosions.

If you are thinking of staying ahead of the game, then this year look into getting friendly with your local plumbing company and prioritize on making your home up to date and headache free.


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