Trenchless drilling techniques for faster results in a pipe repair emergency

Imagine waking up to find out that there is a burst pipeline that run’s along the whole length of your street. Now you are thinking “great, how much earlier do I have to leave in order to beat the traffic that all the drilling and pipe repairs will cause”. Worse yet, the pipeline repair will run along the entire length of your home and now you will have to live with trenches and drilling.

As much as this sounds like a nightmare, you don’t have to worry much longer, as revolutionary technology introduces trenchless drilling and pipe repair.

Trenchless drilling technology is innovative and is leading the industry in pipe repair, replacement and installation. Superior plumbing techniques such as the trenchless replacement includes excavating two holes, one at the start and one at the end of the pipeline. Then a cable is inserted into the existing line. A splitting head is then pulled through the old pipeline. This brings the new polyethylene pipe behind it until the line is replaced. This technology is low-impact and entirely trenchless.

In addition to saving time, noise and dangers to road workers as well as the community, trenchless technology can also save on cost, can reduce construction related CO2 emissions by 90% as well as air pollution. This is not only good new for residential areas but also for major pipelines that are held beneath highways, construction sites, gas stations and other areas that are considered hazardous.

To most of us this technology seems difficult to understand, yet all we have to know is that having a trusted plumbing service with revolutionizing, trenchless expertise is going to save us time and worries in case of a pipe bursting emergency.


2 thoughts on “Trenchless drilling techniques for faster results in a pipe repair emergency

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