Reverse osmosis reversing the way we filtrate our entire home

Looking back to when we were younger, sitting, dozing off in biology class, the words reverse osmosis meant one thing; passing the final. Who knew that when we grew up, reverse osmosis was going to become a part of our everyday lives.

No, this does not mean you have to be a bio expert to understand that this is the revolutionary water filtration system being offered for your home. When we think of water filtration, we automatically think of Brita or refrigerator filters for drinking water. The difference between the RO (reverse osmosis) water system is that it filters the water in your whole house!

Most tap water has many additives like fluoride and softeners that can actually cause a number of problems such as dry skin, dull hair, teeth brittleness, allergies and stomach problems (if consumed in large quantities). A filtration for the home can eliminate all of these harmful factors, making you feel better all around. This is especially beneficial for families with children, as kids tend to use up more water.

Not only does this benefit our shower water, it benefits the water we cook with, do our laundry in and drink. Tap water contains pathogens, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, dissolved solids and other harmful factors. Reverse osmosis units convert contaminated water to pure water and improves odor, appearance and taste.  A San Mateo plumbing company shared with us that the system consumes no energy, is easy to keep clean and is extremely convenient.

When picking an excellent filtration system, also consider picking a plumbing service that will install the system problem free as well as guarantees maintenance and filter changes after installation.


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