A bay Area plumber sheds light on the health issues relating to contaminated water

Water is known around the world as the most precious resource. Without water, our planet would not be able to flourish and life as we know it would not exist. Living in the U.S. we are extremely lucky to not have to face the horrible tribulations that people who live in third world countries face.

Not only too many societies face the shortage of fresh water, the water that they do have is dirty and often times contaminated to a point of no use.

Although we never really think of our own water as being dangerous, there are still a few things that many should know before they fill up on their tap water. Filters exist for a reason; they generally get rid of most metals and dirt that is found in our drinking water. However, often times we don’t have time to filter our water. We forget to change our refrigerator filters, our Britas get dusty and underused, and don’t forget the water we use in our showers.

Depending on our geographic locations, our water (although clean compared to many parts of the world), still contains lead, metals, dirt and water born pathogens. Increased levels in the body can cause adverse health effect as well as diseases.

Many water sources contain lead, which in small doses is very beneficial to our body. Although this can be a good thing, lead in large amounts can cause damage to different systems of the body including the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys. High levels of lead can also cause high blood pressure and anemia. Lead can be particularly harmful to young kids and mothers to be.

A trusted San Mateo plumber shared with us that there have also been reported cases of water borne pathogens that have proven to be dangerous to humans. For example, a bacteria called Giardia has been added to the list. This bacteria settles in the intestines of humans and animals and has parasitic tendencies. This initially can be caused by some kind of sewage discharge in the water.

The scary thing is there is no way of knowing if our water is contaminated or not. However there are a few things we can do to safeguard our homes. Reverse Osmosis has been a growing trend among homeowners because it cleans tap water for every use in our home. Whether it is your laundry, shower or tap water, reverse osmosis units help filter 92-99.5 % of all waste, metals and pathogens.

Installing a reverse osmosis systems in your home can be a great way to ensure you get healthy and clean water which can also be affordable. Make a call to your trusted Pluming Service to find out more on how this system can be benefit your home and your family.


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