Plumbing emergencies increase during the holidays, keep your plumber’s number handy!

It is always nice to know that if we have a plumbing emergency, there is a trustworthy service who will be there 24/7. The holidays around the corner, brings extra guests, extra food and added strain on your drains and pipes.

Some of us are lucky to only experience the bare minimum of plumbing problems especially during the winter season. However others aren’t so fortunate.

Those of us with kids know that little trouble makers love to cause plumbing surprises and those of us with old homes and properties know that even kids can’t avoid old and un-refurbished plumbing.

This winter, it is a good idea to call your local and trusted plumber so they can accident proof your home as well as give you a few tips to keep your home holiday friendly and problem free.

Toilets can be kid proofed, but we all can stand a reminder that Thanksgiving napkins and paper cups don’t belong down the toilet. Putting Turkey, or any other kind of grease down your sink is a big no, no and should be thrown out with your trash. Your garbage disposal is another appliance that gets misused. Remember that it is not a miracle chopper and can only tackle biodegradable, non-greasy matter. Turkey bones, giblets and potato skins just don’t belong.

If you know that your luscious-haired cousins are coming to visit, keep your shower drains clean by investing in a clog screen. You can ask your plumber to recommend one for you. This traps the unwanted hair for easy disposal versus having to dig it out of the drain.

Another pesky culprit during the Holidays is lint from laundry. During colder weather we tend to wash heavier clothing, resulting in more lint. This can go into the washing machine drain and cause a drain clog.

One Bay Area plumber in San Mateo told us that unlike other businesses, their plumbing company is staffed with extra plumbers during the holiday season to service the emergencies that arise, this tends to help their local San Mateo plumbing emergencies and allows the local residents to enjoy the holiday season without any disruption from emergency plumbing situations.

Finding a trusted Plumbing service is important as they can help you find ways to fix these small hassles and keep your house problem free.  So make sure you have a local plumber that’s ready and able and enjoy your holidays problems free.



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