A closer look at a Bay Area plumber in San Mateo fixing more than just a leak

Although there are plenty of independent, Bay area and San Mateo plumbers that fix pipe bursts and leaks in private residences and businesses, few Bay area plumbing companies are equipped and trained to deal with more complex, commercial business plumbing problems. Express Plumbing, a San Mateo plumbing company, is a diamond-certified plumbing company that not only provides residential plumbing services, but also offers commercial businesses with expertise consulting and installation services. These commercial services include directional drilling and horizontal boring, roof draining, ADA compliance work, sub-metering and checking commercial water heaters.  Having an experienced plumber and engineer as an active owner really helps.

Commercial Plumbing Services

 The following are key commercial plumbing services that Express Plumbing provides for its business customers:

  • Directional Drilling and Horizontal Boring: Installed, underground conduits regularly use horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This process requires that small bores be drilled into the ground in order to install plumbing pipes. It is less drastic than trench-method piping, as it is better for the environment and reduces traffic disruption. HDD is now used to install vast pipeline systems beneath roads, railroads, lakes and industrial buildings. Express Plumbing utilizes this trenchless method in order to remove VCP and PVC piping in order to replace them with more efficient HDPE piping (or new PVC piping).
  • RoofDraining. Almost year-round, the Bay area is foggy; in the spring, fall and winter, the area also gets plenty of rain. Over the years, many businesses in the area have experienced roof leaks, which occur when back-up water on the roof becomes clogged within the roof’s debris. Company plumbers are trained to provide high-quality, regular maintenance of the roof trains in order to prevent leaky roofs.
  • ADA Compliance Work. Express Plumbing also provides consulting on matters related to compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The company also provides installation services of plumbing fixtures that follow ADA protocol.
  • Sub-metering: Bay-area businesses also look to Express Plumbing to get expertise advise in implementing water sub-metering systems that are compliant with codes set by property management firms, homeowners associations and other associations related to home ownership.
  • Commercial water heaters: Express Plumbing installs a range of commercial water heaters for both residences and commercial businesses. The company provides expertise in light commercial gas heaters, all types of electric heaters and high recovery gas units. 

For businesses in the Bay Area that need fast emergency plumbing services, Express Plumbing provides a complete range of plumbing services, as its plumbers provide high quality installation and consulting services.


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