Having a San Mateo emergency plumber on your side to avoid Valentine dinner disasters!

cooking valentine dinnerFor this Valentine’s Day, you’ve decided to take it upon yourself to cook a gourmet, four-course meal for the most special person you’ve ever met. This person is different, not like other people you’ve dated, and you realize: you’re finally in love. As you go over to the kitchen sink to wash your hands before making an exquisite port reduction for the most expensive cuts of beef tenderloin you could find, you almost slip and break the only bottle of port wine you have. You groan and realize: the kitchen sink is leaking, as dirty kitchen water is slowly spilling onto your newly mopped floor. You have an hour to figure out what to do before the date of your dreams arrives at your apartment.

Most of us have been caught in similar circumstances where we’ve needed the services of an emergency plumbing company, as plumbing problems always seem to happen at the wrong time. Rather than waiting until the moment of disaster strikes to find an emergency plumber, why not do research upfront and save yourself last minute panic attacks? Key basics you should look for when choosing a quality emergency plumber include: 24-hour services; the types of responses offered in emergencies; how many plumbers are on staff; how much the plumber charges and what types of payment methods they accept; and whether they are Diamond certified. Diamond certification from the American Ratings Corporation guarantees the highest quality service, and good plumbing companies will consistently be Diamond certified year after year.

Express Plumbing, in San Mateo, is about 25 miles south of San Francisco. serving clients in and around the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose, as well as adjacent communities in the East Bay such as Berkeley and Oakland. They have been a long and trusted Bay Area emergency plumbing service in northern California. Express Plumbing provides reliable 24-hour plumbing service, with a live operator to take calls 24-7, guaranteed services within an hour of your call. A plumbing company in the Bay Area serving as a residential plumber and commercial plumber, municipal buildings and restaurants. And unlike many plumbing services, they’re open during the holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s. Express Plumbing is not only Diamond certified, but also consistently scored an A+ rating as an accredited business from the Better Business Bureau.

Express Plumbing makes it their business to respond to plumbing emergencies promptly, and with years of experience in plumbing and drill skill set knowledge, they can help you avoid potentially embarrassing disasters on Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year.



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