Spring into preventing emergency plumbing services detect leaks early!

With the cold weather on its way out, and with spring knocking on our door, its time again to re-adjust from winter household routines to accommodate the warmer seasons.

leak detectionAs winter made us fear frozen pipes and leaky water heaters, spring may have a few problems of its own.
Warmer seasons tend to make us water-loving. Not only do we take showers more frequently, we wash everything else, including our cars and our pets. Not to mention, we want our lawns to look beautiful, which means the road from winter frost recovery starts early. In this case make sure to check your hose pump. Sometimes winter weather can be harsh on faucets, this usually means leaks. Before you water your lawn, check for a leak. This can save you from wasting access water.

Spring also means everything is in bloom. This includes fast growing roots that can be a major nuisance when it comes to pipes and sewer lines. If you didn’t get your sewer line checked before winter, this should be on your checklist. This can cause major flooding as well as damage to your home. Spring can sometimes bring unexpected down pours. This is why it is a good idea to clean out your gutters and check yard drains to keep the water flowing freely. Check your sprinklers to make sure they are working properly and to make sure the cold winter did corrode the top of the sprinkler spout.

In addition to outside maintenance it is a great idea to check all inside faucets and toilets as leaks can appear over night. Flush a few gallons of water from your water heater as this can get rid of any dirt or sediment. Setting your water heater to 120 degrees will prevent the water from coming out too hot (great tip for house holds with kids) while saving energy.  A San Mateo plumbing company that specializes in leak detection and pipeline video inspection explained that being aware of these preventative measures can save on residents on plumbing repairs  and eliminate the need for emergency plumbing services if performed every spring.


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