Prevent plumbing emergencies by finding what’s lurking in the pipes early.

When it comes to plumbing, most of us are in the dark. Sure, we may be able to fix the occasional clogged toilet or leaky faucet, however sometimes the problem may be deeper set and lurking in the dark.

Some plumbing problems may not be tucked away directly in our homes but may be hiding in underground piping. These pipes may run through our neighborhood, back or front yard and underneath our homes foundation.

Many times these plumbing problems go undetected because it is hard to pinpoint the location of the issue until it is already too late, thus causing a stressful plumbing emergency. This can often lead to flooding or bursting pipes at the affected source.

Although these problems are hard to prevent, exceptional plumbing services such as Express Plumbing in San Mateo offer video camera inspections to help assure their clients that problems such as these don’t occur. This method allows plumbing professionals to take a look deep into pipelines to see blockages, collapsed pipes, reverse grade, bellied pipes and root intrusion. Pipeline video camera inspections are efficient and designed to travel in any direction for up to 1,000 feet.

This is especially smart during the warmer months while the weather conditions are fair. This allows for the detection of any debris that may have clogged during the fall and winter months. plumbing camera inspections are also very useful if you are trying to sell your home or upgrade your property value as roots can cause a considerable amount of damage to the foundation as well as the pipelines.

lost wedding ringIn addition to pinpointing major problems, video camera inspections can be used on smaller jobs in our homes. These useful cameras can help locate clogs and problems in our drains and even help rescue valuables such as the lost wedding ring down the drain, as recently reported by ABC 7 about a Kristen Kallis doing just that and was very happy to get her $10,000 diamond ring back.

This is great news for families with kids, as drains and toilets seem to be fun targets for tossing unwanted items.

This spring if you suspect an issue that may need a deeper look, call your trusted plumbing service and ask about video camera inspections for your home.


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