Tips on how to find a good local plumber

choosingFor people who are new to a neighborhood and find themselves in the midst of an unexpected plumbing emergency, hiring a high quality plumber can be a pain. In order to avoid last minute situations, the best thing to do is to not wait until a plumbing emergency, but rather, to do some research on local plumbers ahead of time.

Broadly, two types of plumbers exist: those who deal with basic repairs, such as clogged sinks and leaky faucets, and plumbers who focus specifically on the installation of plumbing systems for new homes or remodeling projects. So before starting any research, be sure to know the type of plumber you’re looking for.

The first place to start is by asking for references. Ask friends, family or work acquaintances who live and/or familiar with the area; who do they call in the case of a plumbing emergency? Also, check in with local home improvement stores and the plumbing materials suppliers located in your neighborhood. Go in and ask them for recommendations and references. If you used a real estate agent to recently purchase a home or rent an apartment, ask the real estate agent if he or she would recommend any plumbers who make repairs in the home and who serve residences and businesses in the area.

After asking people about references, compose a list that includes three to five plumbers and begin your screening process. One of the first steps when screening plumbers is to check for their license. Any good plumber or plumbing company will include a statement regarding their state license on their webpage. You can also check for a state license for plumbing on your state’s licensing board, which is available online. A state license guarantees that a plumber has undergone a background check, as well as taken a plumbing competency test.

Next, after checking the plumber or plumbing company’s license, start reading their reviews and feedback online. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to do a Google search that includes the plumber’s or plumbing company’s name and/or address. Usually, several hits will include reviews related to the plumbing service. You can also do researches on websites such as and

Ideally, you also want to choose a plumber who has been in the neighborhood and working within the community for years, which clearly speaks to their reputation. As a stable business that has been around for years, longevity speaks to the consistency of services and the reliability of the plumber. You should also be sure to check the permanent address and area of business for the plumbing company.


2 thoughts on “Tips on how to find a good local plumber

  1. Make sure you check them out with the Better Business Bureau and/or some of the consumer feedback sites like Angie’s list. That won’t help you find a good plumber, but it may help you avoid a bad one.

  2. Personal recommendations are always a good place to start if you need a plumber.
    Use your network to see if anyone knows a plumber who does a great job at a reasonable price. Get online and do a search for a plumber in your region. A plumber who is serious about their business will have a quality website that loads quickly, looks professional and is easy to navigate.If you still have no luck, contact your local plumbing supply store. Because they are dealing with plumbers every day they may be able to recommend a trustworthy and reliable plumber in your region.Once you decide on a plumber, talk to them about your problem before actually giving them the job. Get more tips at :

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