Plumbing cost prevention and how to prevent clogged drains and pipes

need to knowWhen cleaning and upkeeping your house, you may forget the importance of your pipes until it becomes an actual problem, overflowing toilets and stopping up sinks. This can easily be prevented if you are armed with the necessary information to keep those drainpipes from becoming clogged. Not only are clogs annoying, but it could be potentially harmful. Who knows what kind of bacteria are living in your pipes, especially if the problem is located in your toilet. Below we have outlined some very basic plumbing information that can help you to prevent clogged drainpipes and the headaches that come with them.

Prevention: Prevention, of course, is key. If a problem never has a chance to manifest itself, it’s always better. You should avoid throwing anything non-biodegradable into your toilet. This means that items such as feminine products, paper towels, or any household items (including the disposal of pets) should be thrown into the garbage or otherwise properly disposed of. These items should not be flushed down your toilet. Placing small screens into the drain of showers can help to stop loose hairs clogging up the drain. For sinks, particularly the kitchen sink, these small screens would also be useful, but you should strive to not allow large pieces of food or debris enter into the drain via your dishes.

Upkeep: Prevention is not the only one that you can prevent clogged drains. There are thing you can do on some kind of a schedule (chosen by you, of course) which will help to keep your drains cleared, or even clear drains which are only slightly clogged. Making use of a drain cleaner as part of a normal routine is a great idea, although you should always be sure to use caution if you have children or pets, allowing enough time before letting them back into the room being treated. It is not necessary to do this often, but once every two to six months can help to break down grime, hair, food, and other items caught in the drain before they build up enough to actually clog your drainpipes.

Keep in mind that accidents do happen, and plumbing emergencies are bound to happen once in a great while. If one of these emergencies do end up happening, despite your taking steps with prevention and upkeep, you should always call a professional immediately. This can help save you damage and hassle that can come about when plumbing emergencies are let go for prolonged periods of time.

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