The Bay Area digging up the details on Trenchless drilling and sewer replacements

digging upIn the past, sewer replacement was a rather messy thing. Major excavation would have to be done, and this, in turn, would result in damage to any number of things, including (not limited to): trees, lawns, sidewalks, driveways, roads, homes, shrubs, and numerous other items. It was not only messy, but also cost nearly a fortune, take a considerable amount of time, and could be dangerous. Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past, thanks to Trenchless Sewer Replacement and Express Plumbing in the Bay Area.

What is Trenchless Sewer Replacement? This method uses the existing damaged sewer lateral as guidance for the new pipe’s installation. Basically put, the new pipe is installed following the path already laid out by the old pipe. Inserted into the old pipe is a bursting head shaped like a cone. The new pipe is attached to the back-end of the bursting head, and the two are pulled through with hydraulics and a steel cable.

What ends up happening is that the old pipe is fragmented at the same time that the soil is compressed. This leaves a perfect bed for the new pipe to lay in, and the majority of pipes used are much more secure than the ones they replaced. These new pipes and the bed in which they lay are code approved, leak proof, and root proof. The real truth is that these pipes are fused together to form one singular pipe, meaning that an earthquake, flood, or other misfortune will leave your pipes in fantastic condition. This means there is at least one thing you will not have to worry about should a natural disaster occur, and the fewer worries, the better.  

The Benefits. The benefits of trenchless main replacement should be immediately obvious, but for ease of use and better understanding, we have listed them below. Feel free to refer to them as necessary and familiarize yourself with them.

  1. There are no long trenches dug, which means that there will be no or very minimal damage done to the area where you wish your new sewer to be installed. Most contractors even know how to properly install the new pipe without damaging integral root structures. This is of the utmost importance to those who have invested money into expensive landscaping designs.
  2. nick“Trenchless sewer replacement is a less expensive method than traditionally used ones”, says Nick Bechwati, owner of the #1 rated plumbing company in the Bay Area by consumers.
  3. Less time is needed to properly complete the project, so that your life may return to normal in much quicker fashion. The fact that less time is needed may also further increase your savings in some instances where companies charge manual labor costs by the hour or day.
  4. The newly installed pipes are nearly indestructible, so you can have a greater peace of mind that the project will not have to be unnecessarily repeated. Allow yourself to have less stress in your everyday life by getting the job done right the first time. 

If you are thinking about digging anything up, it’s important to research and selecting an expert in trenchless drilling.  One that has the experience, equipment and staff necessary to handle these projects.  Selecting a good plumber or drilling company is key to having a successful project completed.



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