How to uncover a hidden leak in your home

water heaterFinding hidden leaks can be a home owner’s worst nightmare, costing you excessively- not only for the cost of fixing the issue, but also for the water which leaked out and any damage which came about as a result. The sooner these hidden leaks are found, the sooner you can call a trained professional to fix the problem. The less time the leak is allowed to go, the less money you will end up having to spend. IF you suspect you might have a hidden leak, you could call a professional plumber to take a look for you. If you would rather, however, you can find the leak yourself prior to calling an expert. For information on how to do just that, please continue reading.

If your toilet and/or hot water tank makes a hissing noise, chances are high that there is a leak. For toilets, make sure you take off the top of the tank prior to listening. Another useful tip is to add food coloring to the tank of the toilet. If, after a few moments, there is coloring in the bowl of the tank, you know that you have a leak in the flapper, located at the bottom of the tank. If a leak is noticed in either the toilet or hot water tank, you should immediately call your local plumbing professionals.

If you are able to located your water meter (typically located in the ground, possibly beneath a metal covering), then you can also use this as a way to check for a leak. Shut off the valve by the house and then watch the meter. If the meter is still running, even the slightest bit, then you know there is a leak between the home or valve and the meter. If this is the case, take your time to slowly walk over the area between the two and look for signs of a water leak. These signs may include: areas of ground which have become softy and muddy without rainfall, a singular patch of grass which is greener and/or taller than the rest of your yard, or anything which might point to an excess of water in the area. If you find any of these signs, this is the point in which you should call your local plumbers.

If you are certain that you have a leak in your home, or if you want to be certain that there is not, you can also check other, more common, places to search for a leak. Check the shower head for a crack or leak. Inspect any hoses, taps, or drip irrigation systems to make sure they are in good condition. If you happen to be the owner of a swimming pool, it is essential that you also check your pool for any leaks. Prior to calling the plumber, it is useful if you can give even an approximate location of where the leak is located, if you are unable to find the exact spot, you should not be worried.  New advancements in plumbing technology such as leak detection using pipeline video inspection can help find the leak efficiently, saving you both time and money on plumbing repairs.


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