Protect your home by keeping water heaters functional

water heater damageThere are a number of things that homeowners need to consider when trying to protect their homes. Leaks and water damage are two of these things that can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Protecting your plumbing has to do with maintaining the appliances in your home. Water heaters are some of the most important pieces of equipment for homes and businesses. These heaters are responsible for heating warm and hot water in your house.

This is water used for bathing or cooking. The efficiency of your water heater can have a direct impact on the functionality of your home. When water heaters are broken or working improperly, they can cause other issues. Rising utilities is a direct connection to malfunctioning water heaters. According to the Silver Lining, water damage was the 2nd most frequent claim to home insurance between the years of 2004 and 2008. Here are some common problems related to water heaters:

water heater damagedWater Leaks

A respected San Mateo CA plumbing company shared with us that leaks can occur for many reasons when a water heater is not working properly. This can be an installation problem. Broken or bad water heaters can leak and cause substantial water damage to a home. Because of the placement of water heaters in the home, leaks can go unnoticed. Some builders place these appliances in basements or lower levels. In other instances, these heaters are in garages.

Warming Problems

Water leaks aren’t the only issues related to hot water heaters. There are times when these heaters are not supplying hot water. Hiring a plumber is one way to determine what the problem is with your heater. This could be a product issue which may require contacting the location of purchase. Normal water heaters should be able to heat water to different temperatures.

Water Shortage

Water supply problems may have to do with your utility company. In some cases, your water heater may be the problem. These are instances where there is not enough of a warm or hot water supply. Checking the functionality of your equipment is necessary. This is often a service that a plumber can assist with.

If you notice rising water bills or a lack of hot water, there may be a serious problem with your water heater. Depending on the age of the appliance or the product brand, warranty issues may apply. It is important to monitor the performance of your heater in order to protect your home.


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