Leak Investigation leads to leak detection by a Bay Area Plumbing expert

investigationThere are many different causes related to leaks in a given home. Storm damage is one of the top causes in this category. Damage can occur to home roofs, which may lead to leaks in attics, ceilings and other portions of the home.

The Environmental Protection Agency has studied the effects of leaks on the average home. These leaks are associated with 1 trillion gallons of water wasted on an annual basis.

This amount of water could be used yearly in the running of at least 11 million homes. Storms aren’t the only major causes of leaks. Faulty equipment and plumbing problems are also behind these issues. Investigating the source of leaks is the best way to fix these problems. This is a great way to avoid future problems with plumbing. Professional plumbers are equipped to perform these investigations. They are a resource for fixing leaks. Let’s look at the 3 Common Problem Areas for these issues.

1 – Roofs

Your home could have a leaky roof for a variety of reasons. Missing or broken shingles are sometimes at fault. Things as small as missing nails can also lead to leaks. Roof leaks can affect your attic by making way for standing water. If this occurs you could also see water damage on the ceiling. The longer that these problems persist, more areas can be involved. Investigating problem roof areas is a good way to avoid these issues.

2 – Basements

Basements are other common areas where leaks are often found. Water heaters and other appliances are sometimes stored here. These and any other water sources can cause basement leaks. Some homeowners spend little time in this portion of the house. This is one of the reasons why leaks go unnoticed.

3 – Sinks

Sinks are in many rooms of the average home. Kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor locations all have sinks. Hardware or plumbing problems can be the cause for leaks in these areas. Replacing broken or damaged sink components is wise. Faulty equipment can lead to even more damage and leaks. Standing water may damage floors and furnishings.

Although plumbing investigations may not be necessary on a regular basis, maintenance is important. Paying attention to the sound of leaks and unexplained standing water could save a lot of money. A plumber will be able to perform maintenance easier than the average homeowner. Finding good ways to protect your investment will certainly payoff.


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