Why You Need Water Backflow Preventers

Back flow devices are used to protect the main water source from contamination. This can be very important for certain reasons, especially where the source of water is connected to hazardous equipment. The purpose of water systems is to protect the welfare and health of general public, so devices to prevent back flow are placed in order to ensure prevention of water contamination when any problem occurs with cross connections or water line. The backflow systems prevent the contamination of pure drinking water.

There is a variety in devices that you can install. You can select a backflow device depending on the kind of water system and the potential hazard which can occur. If you want to install the simple device, you can do it easily on the outside faucets with low cost. The prices of devices to prevent water backflow vary depending on their complexity.

contaminated water

Why And How Contaminated Water May Flow Back Into Main Water Supply

Some people question the necessity of installing backflow devices in their homes and offices. There is a simple answer to this question; the clean water that you use for cooking and drinking has the same source of water supply as the water which is used for irrigation purposes. When you water the garden, water that is collected at the sprinkler head contains fertilizers and pesticides that you have used in your garden. Such contaminants can get drawn back in your main water supply by a process called back-siphoning. It can pollute your drinking water leading to harmful consequences. The backflow devices designed to prevent such reversal of the water flow.

There is a variety of devices available on the market.  Some of them are:

  • AVB: Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. It is the cheapest prevention device that is available.
  • PVB: Pressure Vacuum Breaker. This kind of device is installed in the main water line of the house.
  • Anti-Siphon Valve: This device is available in two versions; automatic and manual.
  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer: This is the best kind of device. It is usually recommended for highly hazardous situations.

How Do Backflow Preventers Function

Why You Need Water Backflow Preventers 2Different kinds of water backflow preventers are basically designed to function differently, but the actual principle is the same. Under usual conditions, the backflow valve or the flap stays open in a relaxed position in order to allow water to pass through it easily.

The flap is placed below gate of assembly. If the water begins flowing in the backward direction, the force created by flow raises the flap. The raised flap obstructs backward flow of water. And if the backflow prolongs, higher level of water pushes the gate to close. Thus, it makes a mechanical seal to block the water flow. When the water flow reduces, the gate goes to its original place with the help of gravity.

Relying on a professional plumbing company is best when you’re faced with decisions such as this, they are experienced and certified to insure all your plumbing needs including backflow prevention is well cared for.

The installation of backflow prevention devices has now become essential for all home and property owners because in their absence, the danger of contamination becomes very high.



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